Sports Overview

The institution provides many opportunities for students to take part in team games or develop solo skills. Students of all ages and abilities are encouraged to take part in sporting activities, to learn about team work, fitness and the value of sports in life. We have a playground for the children to play a variety of sporting activities. There is special emphasis on swimming. A lifeguard is always present when students have swimming classes.

Sports And Other Programs

  1. NCC / Scouting & Guiding
  2. Shooting(Rifle & Pistol)
  3. Table Temis
  4. Badminton
  5. Vdleyball
  6. Basketball
  7. Rope Skipping
  8. Lawn Temis
  9. Chess
  10. Skating


  1. Long Jump
  2. High Jump
  3. Races(100,200,400 & 800 mts.)
  4. Hurdles

Fun Game

  1. Skating Hockey
  2. Musical Chair Game
  3. Tug of war
  4. Frog Race

Sports & fitness program for primary

  1. Aerobics

Survival Skill

  1. Swimming
  2. First Aid / Home Nursing

Economical & environmental matter

  1. Running of Book Bank