Welcome to Major Ajaib Singh Convent School

Concept & Ethos
  1.  The Institution is evolved on basic concept of all round development of children into successful human beings to enable them to stand on their own in this competitive world.
  2. The Institution has its foundation based on ethos of hard work, honesty and vision into the future. The Institution boasts of ultra modern wi-fi enabled Internet teaching system.
  3.  The Institution is self sufficient in terms of infrastructure, teaching aids, human resources required for an educational institution. This enables the faculty to focus singularly on growth and development of the students.
School Mottos
  • SHUBH KARMAN TE KABHUN NA TARON (This is the legacy of Tenth Guru ‘Guru Gobind Singh Ji’) which means ‘Do good without remorse or fear’.
  • AAO NAKAL HATAIYE NASAL BACHAIYE (In simple words this focuses on removing the habits of cheating). This would inspire the children to grow up into socially more responsible citizens of the country to root our corruption.
  • RUKH LAO SUKH PAO (Protection of plants/trees inculcates the awareness amongst children on ecology and environment protection).
13 Point MASHIAN Spirit

M – Magnanimous
A – Amiable
S – Self Confident
H – Humble
I – Innovative
A – Abiding
N – Nature Loving
S – Sincere
P – Perserving
I – Industrious
R – Rancour Free
I – Imaginative
T – Tolerant

Six Point Focus

To channelize its efforts to achieve its goal the institution very firmly focuses on the following six points:

  1.  Self-Discipline
  2.   Proper use of Time & Space
  3.  Use of golden words ‘Thank You’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Please’, Excuse Me & Pardon
  4.   Inspired by Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Nationhood is always supreme, do a good deed without fear
  5. Right & Full use of five sense organs – Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue & Skin
  6.  Loyalty to Education, Parents, Teachers, Health, Neighbours & Society