Welcome to Major Ajaib Singh Convent School



Concept & Ethos
1.            The Institution is evolved on basic concept of all round development of children into successful human beings to enable them to stand on their own in this competitive world.
2.            The Institution has its foundation based on ethos of hard work, honesty and vision into the future. The Institution boasts of ultra modern wi-fi enabled Internet teaching system.
3.            The Institution is self sufficient in terms of infrastructure, teaching aids, human resources required for an educational institution. This enables the faculty to focus singularly on growth and development of the students.
School Mottos
1.            SHUBH KARMAN TE KABHUN NA TARON (This is the legacy of Tenth Guru ‘Guru Gobind Singh Ji’) which means ‘Do good without remorse or fear’.
2.            AAO NAKAL HATAIYE NASAL BACHAIYE (In simple words this focuses on removing the habits of cheating). This would inspire the children to grow up into socially more responsible citizens of the country to root our corruption.
3.            RUKH LAO SUKH PAO (Protection of plants/trees inculcates the awareness amongst children on ecology and environment protection).
13 Point MASHIAN Spirit
M – Magnanimous
A – Amiable
S – Self Confident
H – Humble
I – Innovative
A – Abiding
N – Nature Loving
S – Sincere
P – Perserving
I – Industrious
R – Rancour Free
I – Imaginative
T – Tolerant
Six Point Focus 
To channelize its efforts to achieve its goal the institution very firmly focuses on the following six points:
1.            Self-Discipline
2.            Proper use of Time & Space
3.            Use of golden words ‘Thank You’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Please’, Excuse Me & Pardon
4.            Inspired by Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Nationhood is always supreme, do a good deed without fear
5.            Right & Full use of five sense organs – Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue & Skin
6.            Loyalty to Education, Parents, Teachers, Health, Neighbours & Society
Other motivational programs:-
Awards, Rewards, Badges, appreciation certificates & achievement certificates etc.
My World Pre School Jeonwala (FDK)
We aim to provide a craetive environment, which is both Stimulative and challengable.Children learn best through doing and we give ample opportunities to explore, experiment and discover with hands-on equipment and materials in an adult directed setting. We provide a fun and stimulating environment which will positively influence child's learning development.
Our Hypothesis:is that a good institution encourages not simply "learning" but "love for learning" as early as possible. It helps "Every child feel like a winner", satifies their innocent curiousity about the world around them and discourages comparisons by appreciating and rewarding the individuality of each child. Our programs incorporate ann integrated curriculam that promotes learning primarily through Music, Dance, Projects and Computer activities provided through Kyaan Machine, field trips, outdoor play and adventure. My World Pre-School is uniquely placed to provide everything necessary for the first step of your child, that takes him or her in life.
  • Highly evolved and graded curriculum.
  • Specific activities and games to enhance physical and mental growth like Creative arts.
  • Technology integration to lend fun with Kyan Machine
  • Periodic Parent Conference including parents teacher meets at school.
  • Highly experienced and committed teaching staff that regularly undergoes professional development and training programmar's to update their skills.
  • Latest teaching aids.
  • Fully A.C. classrooms and dancing floor.
  • Spacious play area with astroturf ground.
  • Field trips and visits to provide real life experinces.
  • Medical checkup.

Kindergarten Readiness: Is your child ready for school Experts say that no single factor detemines whether a child is ready for kingdergarten. Instead a child's development needs to be eavluated on several fronts.His ability to think logically, speak clearly and interact well with other children and adults are all critically important. A child's physical development also needs to be considered.In reality very few children are equally competent in all these areas.

My World Pre-School uplifts kids future with an all round holistic approach.

Middle Wing (6th to 8th)

Institution has rightly earned a place of priviledged distinction in the field of academic excellence. The school system, seeks to balance learning with other achievements and oppurtunities. Pupil is provided with oppurtunities for the all around growth of hisher personailty. The breath of our curriculum ensures that a pupil gets a chance to learn in a manner which is both congenial and profitable. Interaction with parents and students is done. The registration is done for the same latest by preceding January. We look forward to shape our students with an education that prepares them for life.

Secondary Wing (9th to 10th)

After ten years of general education, the higher secondary stage assumes great significance, as students for the first time move towards diversification. By now students start developing their own thinking and independance of mind. As such, they are better placed to exercise a choice of course keeping in view their needs, interests, capabilities and aptitude which would enable them to cope with the challenges of future. Apart from grounding the roots of education of a child, secondary education can be instrumental in shaping and directing the child to a bright future.

Senior Secondary Wing

Completion of upper secondary education is associated with a range of economic & social benefits to students. It is linked to higher levels of skills & knowledge required for participation in our increasingly knowledge based society& the wider global community. Here the role of teachers is to guide, support & educate our younger generations. Our senior students enjoy special facilities like smart class rooms, Robotic laboratory, and provision of remedial classes. In addition, as a normal part of student’s academic work, we provide a range of well planned pastoral activities to foster a sense of belonging & help everyone find their unique place in senior school. Mentor programs, encourage students to stay focused, small classes allowing for quality teaching & learning, individual attention & pastoral programs to remind our students, the importance of balance in their lives. Academic, co-curricular, sports, NCC & other achievements confirm the institution’s holistic contribution to the growth of students.

Medical Non-Medical Inter-Arts Arts Commerce-2019


Atal Tinkering Lab has been launched by NITI Aayog (Govt. of India) at our school and its purpose is to foster curiosity, creativity & imagination in young minds, and inculcate skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc.


The laboratories are designed with due emphasis on safety and adequate ventilation. Science is a creative interplay of experiment, observations and theoretical inference. Here, at M.A.S. meaningful learning of science is possible in biology, chemistry and physics laboratories where the students acquire and develop curiosity, interest, objectivity, precision and responsibility. In addition, a comprehensive mobile lab, covering basic concepts in science and mathematics is available to make daily lessons more realistic and practical. “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”


Robotics is branch of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering that deals with design, construction, operation and application of robots as well as computer system for their control, sensory feedback and information processing. It also eliminates the phobia of mathematics and science.


School is regarded as chrysalis in which students develop wings needed to fly in the big skies. The essence of our efforts has always given equal opportunity not to become equal but to become different to realize the unique potential of body, mind and spirit. The School provides nurturing ground for a “pupa” to develop into a multifaceted butterfly endowed with the imaginable. The school provides a congenial environment infused with love, encouragement, admiration and motivation. Education followed in this institution with main thrust on all rounded personality development. So it’s the main reason that many Ex-Mashians achieved top positions. Let the parents each day alight the child on a journey of self motivation and invigorated desire for learning and prepare for a delightful and happy landing of acceptance with extended arms whispering “Come we are here”. Let us shape the future to perfection.

Innovative Boarding House for Girls (A home away from home)

Life in a hostel means a whole panorama of experiences that span from making ‘Friends for Life’, to gain the confidence to face life independently. That is why we have laid a lot of emphasis in creating warm, welcoming, invigoration & home like atmosphere in boarding house. It is the modern, air-conditioned and refreshing building, built with the explicit purpose of offering a stimulating and enriching experience where students can ‘Learn for Life’. 


  • Well ventilated, marble flooring classrooms with separate washbasins.
  • RO drinking water system.
  • Nursing and first aid rooms.
  • Debates, Declamations, Excursion Trips and Exhibitions, Calligraphy, Photography and various other vocational activities are organized.
  •  “ Rishman” school magazine.
  •  Mashian News Bulletin and wall magazine “Darpan”.
  •  Green school: Rain water harvesting. 


Our teachers are selected based on expertise as well as for qualities such as dedication, patience & devotion. Further, they are innovative in making learning a pleasurable adventure. They inculcate a desire in the young minds to learn as excel. Our faculty regularly participates in national & international seminars & workshops on child education for updating the developments. We encourage our teachers to experiment with new methods of teaching both indoor and outdoor. 

Oath & Pledges


I solemnly resolve that I will always pay due respect to my parents, teachers and elders. I will discharge my duties and responsibilities, keep in mind the national culture, traditions, moral values and civil rights, I will try to prove correct the concept of “Be the best and make others too the best” throughout my life. 


We, the students of Major AJaib Singh Convent School, Jeonwala pledge that we’ll be true to ourselves. Concentration in studies, hard work, and simplicity will be our watch-words. We’ll not put off till tomorrow what we can do today and become self-trusted. We don’t put off till tomorrow what we can do today and become self-trusted. We won’t discriminate our comrades and feel jealous, neither looks them with malice nor speak ill of them. We, the Mashian, all are brothers and sisters. We’ll keep this sacredness alive. We’ll make our idols the esteemed people of the world. We’ll respect our parents, teachers and all others. We’ll become good human beings by following the path of virtue & goodness. We’ll love our country and her people and consider all humanity as one family. We’ll become true, generous, honest and sympathetic. We’ll become beautiful in manners, healthy and creative. We’ll be respectful to humanity and all humane virtue. We won’t tolerate/bear injustice and become preserving to overcome the difficulties.


We, the staff members and the students of Major Ajaib Singh Convent School Jeon Wala on behalf of student welfare federation, resolve to : Conserve the natural assets of resources & each kind of fuel and recycle them.

§     Produce less toxic gases for the protection of Ozone (protective layer)

§     Produce less solid wastes like plastic and other solid garbage.

§     Plant more and more trees and protect them.

Give our contributions/ support to Punjab Pollution Control Board to check the danger of increasing marine coastal line & drawing of few harmful climatic due to harmful climatic changes.


I, on the mother’s day, pledge that I shall realize my duties towards my mother that I am in debt to my mother who gave me birth. I, will respect my mother’s emotions throughout my life & follow her guidance and try to fulfill my duties and keep her safe.


We,students of Major Ajaib Singh Convent School, Jeonwala Distt. Faridkot know very well that we are the architects of our country. For this purpose we will take the help of our esteem teachers. So on the pious occasion of *Teacher’s Day, we solemnly resolve that we will pay due respect to our teachers deeply abiding by the rules & regulations.


I pledge that I will respect whole heartedly the Border protection of retired persons of Armed Forces and help their widows and children. I also pledge that I will boycott the jokes, which ridicule the soldiers.


On the occasion of Republic Day, I Mashian Miss Ramandeep Kaur resolve to make our country strong & developed till 2020 abiding the 13 Points Mashian. Spirit & fulfill the dreams of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, our respected ex President. 

Activity Clubs

In synergy with its concept of all round personality development, the institutions has the following clubs:

  1.  Dashmesh Skating Club
  2.  Rose Eco Club (For Environment protection)
  3.  Tansen Music Club
  4.   Artist Sobha Singh Club
  5.  Heritage Museum (for boosting the Punjabi language and culture)
  6.  Martial Arts
  7. Pistol Shooting Club
  8. Bhai Ghaniya NSS Unit
  9. Charles Babbage Robotics/Computer Club
  10. Homi Bhaba Science Club
  11. Wrestler Dara Singh Club
  12. Phulkari Club
  13. Mother Terasa Club
  14. Rehman Club
  15. MAShian Blood Donation Society
  16. P.T.Usha Spots Club
  17. Milkha Singh Sports Club
  18. Atal Tinkering Club
  19. Guru Nanak Dev Library 

Sports & Other Programs

§ NCC(Girls/Boys)/Scouting & Guiding

§ Shooting (Riffles & Pistol)

§ Table Tennis

§ Badminton

§ Volleyball

§ Basketball

§ Rope Skipping

§ Lawn Tennis

§ Chess

§ Skating

§ Net Ball

§ Wall Climbing 

Economical & Environmental Matter

  • Running of Book Bank 


  • Long Jump
  • High Jump
  • Races (100, 200, 400 & 800 mtrs.)
  • Hurdles 

Fun Games

  • Skating Hockey
  • Musical Chair Game
  • Tug of war
  • Frog Race
  • Three Leg Race 


Survival Skill

  •  Swimming
  •  First Aid/Home Nursing
  •  Toy Car Driving 


Sports & Fitness

  •  Aerobics 


Our Policies

  1. Transport Policy: Safest, Shortest & Comfortable
  2. Sport & Fitness Policy: Skill, Stamina, Strength, Speed, Co-Ordination, Flexibility, Agility, Endurance, Body Balancing, Total optical fitness.
  3. Academic Policy: Cramming fee, learning by doing, Joy of learning, Appreciation, Ancient Methodology, Modern Technology, Montessori System.
  4. Quality Policy: To maintain quality no compromise with quantity
  6. Standard Policy: Minimum National Standard.
  7. Discipline Policy: Self Discipline, Zero Tolerance.
  8. Examination & Dealing Policy: Honest and Fair. 



  1. White Shirt (half sleeves), royal blue skirt/shorts/patka, neck tie with white stripes and belt; black sport shoes with grey socks.
  2. White Shirt (half sleeves), white skirt/shorts/patka (Monday and Thursday).


  1.  White shirt (full sleeves), grey skirt/trouser, neck tie with white stripes and belt, black sports shoes with grey socks,   royal blue sweater, patka and grey blazers.
  2. Grey track suit with red stripes/patka (Monday and Thursday).


  1. Girls: Check shirts (half sleeves), sky blue plazo and dupatta, black sports shoes (5th to 8th), white canvas shoes   (9th  to 12th) with grey socks.
  2. Boys: Check shirts (half sleeves), navy blue trousers and turban/patka (up to 8th), black sports shoes (5th to 8th),   black  shoes (9th to 12th) with grey socks sky blue neck tie with stripes and belt.
  3. Girls: White plazo suit with dupatta (half sleeves) (Monday and Thursday), black sports shoes (5th to 8th), white   canvas shoes (9th to 12th) with grey socks.
  4. Boys: White trousers, shirt and turban/patka (up to 8th) (Monday and Thursday), black sports shoes (5th to 8th), black   shoes (9th to 12th), with grey socks, sky blue neck tie with stripes and belt.


  1. Girls: Check shirt (full sleeves), sky blue plazo, black sport shoes (5th to 8th), white canvas shoes (9th to 12th) with   grey socks.
  2. Boys: Check shirts (full sleeves), navy blue trousers and turban/patka (up to 8th), black sports shoes (5th to 8th), black shoes (9th to 12th) with grey socks, sky blue neck tie with stripes and belt, grey sweater (stripes) and grey blazers.
  3. Girls: White plazo suits (full sleeves) with dupatta, black sports shoes (5th to 8th), whites canvas shoes (9th to 12th), with grey socks (Monday to Thursday).